Selasa, 24 Maret 2009

It makes me crazy

Heuer Autavia Chronograph GMT automatic, full colour, original strap and buckle, very MINT condition, runing VERY well

My Rolex 1500

Early edition, mov cal 1560, ca 1958, white aging dial (cream)

Alpina military bumper (sold)

Old Alpina military, black tropical dial, bumper movement, sub second

Seiko Bellmatic 17 Jewels Blue Inner Bezel (sold)

Beautiful Seiko Bellmatic

Sabtu, 14 Maret 2009

Enicar collection

They need no comment.

Omega Chronostop GMT (sold)

Beautiful, all original, manual winding chronostop with GMT

Mido boysize bumper (sold)

Mido, multifort, automatic, ca 1950, boy size, bumper movement, good condition

Omega Seamaster 60

Rare, cal 565, all original, deep blue dial

Omega Flightmaster 911

Roger! Roger! Emergency landing! May day! May day!

Eternamatic Chronometer (sold)

Beautiful Eternamatic Chronometer, ca 1950, gold top, dauphine hands